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    sexta-feira, junho 16, 2017

    This was a monstrous crime – there must be arrests after Grenfell Tower

    "The faces of Grenfell Tower victims are the faces of the residents of tower blocks across Britain: working-class, poor and often reliant on the state for their housing and safety. Yet for decades we have been pushing the state out and bringing the private sector in. We privatise profits for shareholders, but it is the insurance policy the state provides that lets them get away with it, always stepping in when the failures of the private sector spill over.

    Back in Dickensian Britain, a letter printed in the Times in 1849 warned that whole swaths of Londoners were “living in a wilderness, so far as the rest of London knows anything of us”. Plus ça change. Successive governments have condemned the vulnerable and the voiceless to Corbusier-inspired blocks to which few improvements have been made since they were built half a century ago. Planners, politicians and property developers have never seen London from the heights – or when it comes to living conditions, the depths – of the capital’s worst homes.

    Cutting council budgets by 40% has consequences far beyond street cleaning or libraries."

    more in the article by David Lammy​

    This was a monstrous crime – there must be arrests after Grenfell Tower | David Lammy | Opinion | The Guardian:

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