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    sexta-feira, junho 16, 2017

    How Takeout Culture Has Changed Twin Peaks’ Relationship to CoffeeDoes the new Twin Peaks qualify for the Empty Cup Awards?


    "I created the Empty Cup Awards—first a hashtag, then a video essay on Slate—to draw attention to the fact that television is littered with actors carrying around empty cups that are supposed to contain liquid but clearly don’t. The primary offenders are takeout cups from Starbucks or similar establishments, usually added to scenes as a way of making characters seem more down to earth. Sure, Supergirl’s Kara can melt steel with her eyes, but she fumbles with a 20-oz. cup and a stack of papers just like the rest of us.

    Twin Peaks escaped the Empty Cup Awards in its original run, but takeout coffee culture has expanded dramatically in the years since. What does Twin Peaks’ relationship with coffee look like in 2017? TV critic Emma Fraser wrote in advance of its premiere that “the true test for the new Twin Peaks is if it can manage to avoid the #EmptyCupAwards” It’s hard to even imagine takeout cups in the Twin Peaks universe, where coffee is meant to be savored, not swigged. But when the revival began airing, the tweets started coming in: Empty cups had infiltrated Twin Peaks."

    more in the article by Miles McNutt

    Does the new Twin Peaks qualify for the Empty Cup Awards?

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