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    domingo, março 26, 2017

    The Smokestacks Come Tumbling Down


    "Donald Trump is the best thing to happen for climate action in years.

    That might sound crazy. These days, with the Trump gang on a smashing spree through America’s science and environmental laws, it’s easy to feel pessimistic. It’s easy to think that with progress being rolled back that took decades to put in place, we’ve lost the climate fight.

    But I think that’s wrong. I think Trump and his carbon cronies are not displaying strength, they’re showing enormous weakness — and not only have they not won, they're actually doing us a unintended favor. They’re making it easier to win not the small increments of progress of the last three decades, but large-scale disruptive progress. They’re assisting in the birth of the low-carbon future.

    In this piece, I want to explain why that’s true."

    read the longread by Alex Steffen​

    The Smokestacks Come Tumbling Down:

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