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    quarta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2017

    Don't Mourn, Fight Like Hell


    "But I say to you: There is no time, no room, no space to do anything but push back against what, in large part, this will turn out to be: not just a protest vote by rural whites who feel left behind, but the coming out of a burgeoning white nationalist, authoritarian movement.

    This is a dark hour, and to say otherwise would be a lie. It is—by orders of magnitude—the worst political outcome our country has faced in many generations. But let us not forget those who have pushed back already. The nonagenarian women—black and white—who struggled against infirmity and efforts to suppress their vote to get to the polls. All the Latinos and Asian Americans who registered for the first time to try to repel the hate too many white Americans voted for. The blacks who stood up for equality, as they always have. 

    Trump appealed to America's worst impulses. Now it's on the rest of us to show, to prove, that this is not all that America is. This is a time when we're called on to do things we may not have done before. To face down bigotry and hate, and to reach beyond our Facebook feeds in trying to do so."

    read article by Clara Jeffery​

    Don't Mourn, Fight Like Hell | Mother Jones:

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