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    sábado, maio 26, 2018

    Death by sex and television? It’s how Trump would want to go | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian

    "For all the Russian election meddling, and the accusations of baroque international financial corruption, there would be a certain poetic justice if Donald Trump’s nemesis proved to be a woman, of all things, with the medium of television as her accomplice. If you were writing this one, you’d certainly have all the international conspiracy stuff as a subplot. But death by sex and television is so much more perfect.

    And, heaven knows, Trump has long reduced epic global events to mere comments on his sexual incontinence. He famously described the business of avoiding STDs as “my personal Vietnam”. The other Vietnam – the one set in actual Vietnam – he couldn’t make, because of heel spurs. But vaginas “are landmines”, he judged, and he felt “like a great and very brave soldier”. To survive the metaphorical conflict, and then come home and shoot yourself … well, it wouldn’t quite be tragic. How does that other saying go? History repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce, and finally as porn."

    read article by Märina Hyde​

    Death by sex and television? It’s how Trump would want to go | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian: How perfect it would be if, rather than Russia or corruption allegations, it was Stormy Daniels who brought the president down, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde

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