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    segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2017

    Iranians stranded by US ban tell of jobs at risk and families in disarray

    "Trita Parsi, the president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), whose organisation has followed many such cases, said on Twitter: “I want to repeat: Green card holders were handcuffed, their social media was reviewed, and they were asked their views on Trump.”

    The NIAC said visa bans marked a dark day in the history of the US. “Families are being ripped apart without warning and with no assurance of when they will be reunited. Students travelling abroad at the time of the ban are horrified that they might not be able to return to continue their studies. Children are being detained along with their parents when they were just seeking to return home,” it said in a statement.

    Nazanin Zinouri was visiting family in Iran when she heard about Trump’s plan to impose visa bans. She wrote on her Facebook that she booked tickets quickly but was taken off the plane in Dubai.

    “After almost seven years of living in the United States, I got deported,” she said. “No one warned me when I was leaving, no one cared what will happen to my dog or my job or my life there. No one told me what I should do with my car that is still parked at the airport parking. Or what to do with my house and all my belongings.”

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    Iranians stranded by US ban tell of jobs at risk and families in disarray | US news | The Guardian

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