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    terça-feira, setembro 06, 2011

    New Yorkers are flocking to see Banksy´s works – but the world's most notorious graffiti artist isn't happy.

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    Hacked Off: The art show that's driven Banksy up the wall

    The Banksy piece 'Stop & Search'

    The Keszler Gallery in the Hamptons, Wall Street's favourite holiday destination, is facing stern criticism from Banksy representatives and his fans after attempting to sell two high-profile works of public art, which were originally intended to brighten up the streets of Bethlehem.

    The pieces, referred to as Stop & Search and Wet Dog, were stencilled on to prominent walls in the West Bank city during a visit by the British artist in 2007. They disappeared shortly afterwards, only to re-emerge at the Keszler Gallery in Southampton Village late last month.

    News of the sale has angered Banksy enthusiasts, who argue that the works were meant for public consumption. They argue that street art is meaningless – and therefore value-less – outside of its original context, and say that foreign art dealers had no right to participate in their removal.

    The gallery takes an opposing view. It insists that the pieces, among seven large Banksy works in its new show, were legitimately purchased and exported from the Palestinian territory. If left unprotected in their original location, they were in severe danger of deteriorating, and by now would almost certainly have been vandalised.

    Not everyone's convinced, though. "I just find this so sad," said Sebastian Buck, who runs the street art blog Unurth. "Some hedge fund dude is going to be able to buy these things that would otherwise have remained out in public for thousands of people to enjoy. Street art is meant to be viewed in its natural environment, not in a gallery or in some rich guy's house. That's why it's called street art."


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