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    domingo, agosto 13, 2017

    Is game of Thrones' heart with the common man?


    "Meanwhile the series keeps trying to suggest its heart is with the common man, like the peasant family who became a parable in The Hound’s life, or the peasants who beseeched the queen in Meereen to do something about her pyromaniac pets. The series is driven by the question of who sits on the Iron Throne. First it’s a question of legitimacy, privileging the laws of the monarchy. Now it’s basically a question of force. It’s sometimes presented as a question of what’s best fo...r the people, which is Olenna’s argument for her granddaughter and many comrades’ argument for Dany. But to live up to that would take a much broader or deeper look at those people. People like Meera, whose personal tragedy has been and remains undercooked all the way up through her departure from Bran’s service. And people like Bronn."

    read analysis by Brandon Nowalk

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