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    segunda-feira, agosto 07, 2017

    Game of Thrones: Season 7 Has No Patience for Littlefinger


    "Baelish’s small ball approach no longer matters in the scheme of the series. Unlike Tyrion or Varys, who have used their talent at talking and manipulation to actually take a side in a war that matters, Baelish has shown that he’s too clever for his own good. He’s a piece in a game where he’s irrelevant. In a conflict between Daenerys and Cersei, one having dragons and the other having a massive army, and then a secondary conflict involving the White Walkers, where does a slimy guy fit in? Westeros is still populated with bad people, but they’re bad people who take actions, not people who are playing the long game.

    Baelish’s approach—to play the long game—has simply run out of time. "

    read article by Matt Goldberg

    Game of Thrones: Season 7 Has No Patience for Littlefinger | Collider

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