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    sábado, junho 10, 2017

    Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 Recap - Twin Peaks Tries to Pull Itself Back Together


    "Reconstituting an earlier life or a memory of an earlier time is no easy task. Nothing comes back the same, unchanged, picking up right where it left off. Rather, putting it all back together has costs. If any theme is so far emerging within the disparate tapestry of stories being told on Twin Peaks: The Return, it's that of reconstitution. Cooper coming back as Dougie, slowly re-emerging from a dense, hilarious fog. Hawk and Andy searching for their lost clue. Shelly trying to find a way to raise her daughter right, fixing the mistakes she made in her own life. Twin Peaks is a series putting itself back together while its characters do the same."

    read the review by Corey Atad

    Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 Recap - Twin Peaks Tries to Pull Itself Back Together

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