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    sábado, junho 24, 2017

    Twin Peaks Revisited: Photos

    Outside the Mt. Si Motel in North Bend, Wash.

    "In making the show, David Lynch pulled together a set of locations that were primarily centered around the town of Snoqualmie; as is typical, they ended up using locations that were several hours away to establish just the right mood and feeling. This composite became the town of Twin Peaks. Based on this idea, I gave myself a 2-hour radius from Snoqualmie (the same distance Lynch utilized with his locations in the Pacific Northwest) to photograph things that left an impression on me, things that blend together the mood and atmosphere found in the show—which I realized already existed in my work."
    see the gallery by Todd Hido​

    Twin Peaks Revisited: Photos:

    A trailer in the woods in Snoqualmie.

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