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    domingo, fevereiro 26, 2017

    Make America Hate Again -= White Nationalists See Trump as Their Troll in Chief.


    "The outpouring of hate following Trump's victory began before he'd even finished his speech on election night, when someone in the audience yelled, "Hang Obama!" Reports of racist attacks and graffiti spread across the country in the following days, including assaults on hijab-wearing women, bullying of immigrant children, and accounts of Trump supporters on high school and college campuses yelling "white power" or spitting at people of color.

    With Bannon's White House appointment, Trump's connection to the far right finally got a burst of mainstream media coverage. But there still has been very little exploration of how broad-based the so-called alt-right is, what it aims for, and where it's headed. What follows is a look at the main elements of this disparate but ascendant movement."

    read newstory by Josh Harkingson

    White Nationalists See Trump as Their Troll in Chief. Is He With Them? | Mother Jones


    photos Nate Gowdy

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