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    terça-feira, fevereiro 28, 2017

    A bad week for Trump? Not to his supporters cheering at every turn


    "Then Trump came along. According to Tony, Trump appealed to many Democrats as well as Republicans: “What he said resonated with, and woke up, many who had fallen into that apathetic rut. People who are just beyond tired of the constant talking with no results. Tired of the 1%, or whatever you want to call it, destroying us. Banks that caused the housing crisis and ensuing crash. Our education system sucks, vets not taken care of, homeless and hungry men women and children, money sent to countries that hate us, aid to people who refuse to work, aid to people who live here illegally… the list goes on and on and on and on.”

    Trump attracted a lot of my friends and family precisely because he didn’t seem like a typical politician. He said the things other politicians wouldn’t say and didn’t sound like a poll-tested, script-reading politician either. The many things that would seem to disqualify him came across to his supporters as evidence of his authenticity. And his hostility to his own party’s establishment resonated with voters who wanted results instead of the usual partisanship and political gridlock.

    For his supporters, it’s not important that he didn’t sound presidential at his press conference, so long as he didn’t sound like another politician."

    read the story by Geoffrey Kabaservice​

    A bad week for Trump? Not to his supporters cheering at every turn | Geoffrey Kabaservice | Opinion | The Guardian

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