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    quinta-feira, janeiro 12, 2017

    What Trump is really doing about his business -

    US President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a press conference January 11, 2017 at Trump Tower in New York.
Trump held his first news conference in nearly six months Wednesday, amid explosive allegations over his ties to Russia, a little more than a week before his inauguration. / AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY        (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

    " At a press conference, Trump and his lawyer tossed out enough legal and financial terminology that "people who want to believe that he's taking care of the problem can point to something," said Larry Noble, general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, a government watchdog group.

    "But the reality is that he hasn't taken care of any of the problems."

    Here's a closer look at what Trump has, and has not, promised to do. "

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    What Trump is really doing about his business - Jan. 11, 2017:

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