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    quinta-feira, outubro 13, 2016

    How Bob Dylan Rewrote America’s Songbook -

    "If Dylan had a singular achievement, in fact, it was to utterly rearrange our ideas of songs—to change the way we defined a song.

    Dylan was the first songwriter I ever knew to write a song where the person inside the song—the person Dylan is giving voice to—is angry and sneering (“You’ve got a lotta nerve to say you are my friend”). And the even greater thing, to my ear at least, was that there was a weird kind of jubilance about the lyric, not like he was happy exactly, but there was joy in the malice

    Late in life, Dylan did something even more profound with his music: He pulled back the curtain a bit and let us see how songs—his kind of song anyway, homemade things, handmade and handed down from one generation to the next—are not so much composed as assimilated. Some lines are borrowed, some are original, but the end result should be something that sounds both familiar and strange all at once, and where, in the ultimate vanishing act, the songwriter vanishes, leaving only the song (and maybe a lingering grin).."

    read the article by Malcolm Jones

    How Bob Dylan Rewrote America’s Songbook - The Daily Beast

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