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    sexta-feira, dezembro 09, 2011

    Steve Jobs and the Cult of the CEO

    Dica de Carlos Alberto Teixeira

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    Steve Jobs
    Like Da Vinci or the Dalai Lama—only better
    Sure, Apple is a massively successful company. But what exactly did Steve Jobs make? To many technology experts, the answer is not much.
    But to Jobs’ admirers, his lack of technological breakthroughs was only further proof of his genius, his role as somewhat mystical futurist.
    The Internet era did not invent the idea of the benevolent CEO or the idealistic corporation, but Steve Jobs nonetheless embodied the notion that a boss can be controlling, punitive—yet also somehow liberating
    Even before his death, Jobs was cast (Newsweek, 9/5/11) as a “wholly authentic” hero, “a supercool billionaire, the dropout son of the early ’70s counterculture whose seminal text is The Whole Earth Catalog.”
    One of Apple’s core innovations—if one wants to call it that—was that it pursued a closed system approach to a computing industry that had often prized openness.
    Apple, like the vast majority of the electronics industry, skirts labor laws by subcontracting all its manufacturing to companies like Foxconn, a firm made infamous for suicides at its plants, a worker dying after working a 34-hour shift, widespread beatings, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to meet high quotas set by tech companies like Apple.
    Perhaps it was no surprise to learn that Jobs’ actual politics did not always sound as if they were guided by any countercultural notions.

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